As part of our commitment to always provide you with advanced technology, we bring you the latest mobile payment platform, for your everyday purchases. Now you can perform your daily transactions card-less in a secure and convenient way.

Pay bills Merchants (P2M): CMO allows the user to conduct non face-to-face payments at a selected network of merchants. Call any CMO participating merchant, order your goods over the phone, provide your mobile number and OTP (One Time Password), and enjoy your delivery paid for in advance!
 Person to person (P2P): Transfer money from one CMO user to another CMO user instantly.
 Person to  ATM (P2A OR cardless ATM): Withdraw cash at any CMO participating ATM without the need for an actual card. Instead, get a card-less code to use at the ATM and withdraw the amount the way you normally do.

For more info, please check the below animated videos.